July 17, 2024

How to Appreciate Subordinates

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The workplace is an interactive environment between employees and managers to achieve common goals. One important factor for that is moral. To improve the moral  a leader or manager must know how to treat subordinates or employees.

Why do many employees come out of work? The study of 20,000 employees who quit their jobs gave the fact that 88 % of employees went out for anything other than money.

  1. Request Opinion or Feedback

        Manager  must  open with criticism or feedback ( bad or good), because this is what buid you. And, you have to change and develop yourself over related to it. This is your way to develop the work process.

Also, When you ask for feedback or feedback from your employees, this will show that you value and trust them. To the extent that you trust their judgment of you.

  1. Transparent

If the customer just does not like the secret, moreover  your employees. Do not be stingy with information, even if it’s not important. Continue to publish your plan in a transparent manner, show a positive development and show also where the plan is not going well. What’s more, show the lessons learned from the plan.

If you always keep things secret, then if there is a vacuum in an event, then your employees will imagine to cover up the void. You definitely do not want that.

  1. Show Thanks

Simple actions like notes or email messages thank you for their contributions in the latest project is an effective way. Creating a monthly ‘best employee’ program and providing a certificate or other gift is another way to show your gratitude.

Gifts given need not always be expensive, it could be a bonus, the addition of hours of rest or the provision of special parking, meal vouchers, and others. Remember, employees are the same as customers, they help you get rich.

  1. Give Training

You expect that employees who have worked in your company for years can handle many new projects and projects. But you should not blame them if they can not, because of the need for new skills.

In order for them to fulfill this and they are happy, you must train them with new skills. Not putting them in this new project work team is a disappointment for you and themselves.

  1. Know What They Want

The first thing, of course, is to know your employees, and for that you have to communicate. It’s very simple, you need to come to them and ask what they need. Try to know what they want and fulfill it.

  1. Provide a Means of Issue

Not all employees dare to express their opinions when asked directly, especially in Indonesia. Even some employees prefer to keep them unknown as they express their opinions. Provide a means to support this.

These tools can be social media, forums, or even kusioner. Appreciate and encourage your employees to have informal relationships that are indifferent to the corporate hierarchy. This is a very effective way to build a company and treat your employees well.

  1. Fair

If in the community or even the family can happen injustice, then in the company it is not allowed. Everyone should have a fair workload and appropriate role. An example is, an ordinary employee certainly should not have the same workload as a manager, a new employee certainly should not suddenly become a manager without any real achievement.

This is why many companies have strict rules against nepotism (families are part of the company). Hiring families will make the boundaries of employment unclear. If you do have to hire a family, as much as possible treat him like a general employee fairly.

As i know, fair needs more considerations such as age, experience, salary even job roles. But we also should not discriminate against race, gender, religion and many more.

  1. Appreciate Your Employees

Even if you have hired and paid them, that does not mean you are in charge of them. They are adults, not small children. They need space, time and flexibility. In fact, they are very happy about this. You do not have to constantly control and monitor them all the time.

Show that you value them, socialize inputs to a project, ask if they are comfortable enough with the job you are providing and the salary they receive. Not valuing employees is one of the highest reasons why employees leave the company.

  1. Treat Employees as if They have a Higher Rank

If you can not do this, treat them at least as much as you treat yourself. If you do not like being scolded, or bullied in public, why do you do it to your employees.

If you like being listened to in speaking, then treat the same thing to your employees. Listen to them if they want to argue, appreciate them as you respect yourself, do not be angry at them if there is a mistake but rather their zeal not to do it again and learn to improve it.

  1. Give them chance

Treat each of your employees as if they will build their own business and your company is a ‘stepping stone’ for them. Make your company a good tool to build their career. Know that no career opportunity is the number one reason why most employees come out.

You do not have to think negatively of their desire to build their own business that might compete with you. Instead, you should be proud that your company has issued and developed qualified people to the extent to which it can own its own company.

To help them develop and grow their careers, job exchanges and expanding job roles are two good ways to deepen their careers. Promotion is also one of the best ways.

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